Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Top Five Objectives

If elected, what are the top five objective you would like to achieve during your term?
1. One of my main objectives would be to have the board members act more like a team and not against each other. The board should be able to collaborate well with other and be respectful of each other and the superintendent.
2. My second objective is to focus on what's best for all students. In particular I would like to see a change in the preparation involved in state testing. Right now our students and teacher are spending an excess amount of time preparing for a test. This prep time is taking away from our student's education. It's time to get back to teaching and not being so worried about the outcome of one test.
3. Thirdly, I would like our schools to move forward with technology. One area that needs to be addressed is the inconsistency of WiFi within the schools for teachers, students and guests. Students are encouraged to use Google Classroom, especially at the high school. However how are they supposed to use this technology if they don't have access to a dependable network.
4. Another objective of mine is better communication. The Board of Education has a responsibility to communicate their actions to the community. A successful school board keeps the community informed of the districts progress and challenges.
5. My last objective is to more proactively market our schools. Especially at the high school level. Did you know that Paramus High School has more course offering and a lower student teacher ratio than neighboring parochial high schools. However we lose students to private schools because parents aren't properly informed of all we have to offer. We need to get the word out by advertising how great our schools really are.

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