Sunday, October 2, 2016

Testing and evaluations

Most of you already know that I'm passionate about technology in our schools. I posted about that awhile back (check it out in my news feed if you haven't  already).  But I wouldn't be running if I wasn't also passionate about our student's education.  Where I am not opposed to standardized testing (I do think it's important to see how our students perform compared to the rest of the state and country)..I am however opposed to standardized testing such as the PARCC being used to evaluate our teachers.

Did you know that the PARCC test used to account for 10% of teachers evaluations. But now Chris Christie has changed that! He didn't double it.. but he tripled it! So the PARCC results now count for 30% of a teacher's evaluation. That's absurd. I'm opposed to our kids being taught a test. It has to be more than about just a test. Teachers need to teach their way! Telling a teacher how to teach, what to teach and when to teach is taking away from the teaching experience for everyone involved.  And honestly it's not why these teachers became teachers. These test preps are taking away from our student's education.

Growing up I remember standardized "bubble" tests. What I don't remember was my teacher taking time out of the day to just teach us the test. We just took it. The results of these tests in no way affected the teachers evaluation. And that's how it still should be. How it should always be.

Update: I just read yesterday that a bill was passed by the State Assembly to cut PARCC results from teacher evaluations. I just hope this bill can pass the Senate as well. I'll keep you posted.

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