Tuesday, August 9, 2016

But why?

As soon as I announced my candidacy for Paramus Board of Education I was repeatedly asked, "Why?" "Why do you want a volunteer position where you're not paid for all the hard work it demands". Well the answer is because. Because I love Paramus. Because I love the Paramus Schools. Because I want what's best for my kids and your kids. Because I'm sick and tired of sitting back and being unhappy with the current board's actions and decisions. Sure.. i could sit back and do nothing. But that's not me. I can't sit back and watch our schools be only good. I want to do something to make them great. Make them outstanding.  Hey, I know I can't change everything. Nobody can. But being elected is a start. There are many many reasons why I'm running. But truth be told I'm running mostly to shake things up at the Board of Ed. It's time they got a new voice. It's time for a change. I hope I can count on your vote on November 8th. Make a difference. Make a change.

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