Monday, November 7, 2016

''Twas the night before Election Day...

It’s the night before election day and I’m sitting here feeling overwhelmed, stressed, nervous.. but at the same time I’m feeling so proud of myself for going through with this BOE campaign. I promised myself that I would run a clean campaign. NO negativity. Others can go that route.. but that’s just not me. I’ve seen so much negativity with the presidential campaign. And even at the local level with the town elections. It truly saddens me. Negative campaigning to me is a sign of weakness and speaks a lot about a person’s character.  Our country, our town, our schools do not need any more negativity. I hope everyone goes out and votes for who they truly think is the best candidate and will do the best job and not vote because of party or friendships. Tomorrow good people will win. And good people will lose. Regardless of the outcome, I’m just happy I can honestly say that I’ve kept my head held high  and stayed positive during all this. Go out and vote. Your vote. Your voice.

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